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Amulet Bags

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Amulet Bags are created to hold something sacred, close to a person’s heart. They can hold a meaningful charm, a cherished stone or crystal, or a special written message. As women and men, we make many important transitions as we go through life. Amulet Bags make wonderful gifts to celebrate these significant transitions - into adulthood, graduation, new jobs, marriage, parenthood, moving away, even menopause. The amulet bags serve as both a token of appreciation and as a subtle source of support as we move through these transitions.


Each bag has been lovingly handmade by Susan and includes a semi-precious stone specially selected to bring energetic blessings from the earth. It is her hope that these bags and stones will help the wearer to feel their divine nobility and help one be in touch with their inherent beauty and abilities. It is Susan’s hope that each bag will help the wearer get in tune with the perfection and strength of their inner self. Cost $75.

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Orders for custom-made bags can be placed by contacting Susan directly at 231-322-2159 or at

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