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Have you ever looked into the face of a flower and noticed that there is a geometric pattern that it embodies?  Have you ever widened your perception further to grasp the essence or intelligence that each flower holds?  This is what is meant by “Sacred Structure.”  There is a pattern, an underlying matrix that emerges.  Everything in the universe is based on structure: from our bodies, to the plants, to the seasons, to our families, to the cycles of our lives, to the stars and planets.  This underlying structure is often bigger than we can understand, but our bodies intuit it.  We are intimately interconnected to Nature and the Universe.

This site is about the practice and creations of Susan Bloye. It is her basic belief that we are all created with inherent wholeness and wisdom. Through her healing practice she strives to hold the space to allow the intelligence of the system to emerge and bring balance and resolution to issues that are surfacing to be worked on.

Through her Craniosacral work, the creation of Amulet Bags, the ongoing co-creative relationship with her gardens, lovingly called “Happy Meadows”, and her practice and teaching of T'ai Chi, she offers the opportunity to tune into the Sacred Structures that make up each of our lives.

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